Saturday, November 6, 2010

A little social experiment - Add yourself to my library Facebook group

I'm trying a little social experiment with the new FaceBook group feature.

I've setup a FaceBook group for library related people (Librarians, "Shambrarian", whatever).

Things to note.

1. I'm the admin, but in effect it only means I can change the Facebook group name & set it up to be opened, closed or secret . The current setting is closed, which means non-members can see who are in the group, but not any content. 

2. Any member of the group can invite their Facebook friends 

3. These friends will be automatically added , unless they have turned on the setting to stop this.

4. By default, when any member posts in the group (but not comment to a post) you will get an email alert. You can turn that off by going to "Edit settings" on the top right of the group.

5. People can also remove themselves of course.

Why Facebook group?

We librarians are consummate users of social media. We are all over Friendfeed, masters of IM, Twitter & Skype. But Facebook is still the 500 pound gorilla in the room and most of us even the least techie librarian probably spends most of our time logged into Facebook.

The Facebook group chat option will allow us to chat with any of the librarians in the group. My hope is for this group to grow such that at anytime there are at least a dozen librarians online when you want to pick the brains of librarians who might be logged into facebook, you can just go to Facebook chat and send out a message.

The experience pictured below has being described by one member has "IRC like". Below is one example of a chat going on.  Chat text censored.

Kind of like Twitter except you are not limited to those who are following you. Kind of like mailing lists except in real-time. Kind of like Friendfeed groups, except with broader reach and greater chance of connecting with someone. 

As of Sat, 6th Nov 12:59 p.m - GMT there are 91 members, an hour later, it is 167, hopefully this will snowball.

How you can help

If you are already a member, please add your facebook friends who might be interested.

If you want in but is not a member yet, go to this page , you can see a list of members, if any of them are your Facebook friends, they can add you automatically, if not you can request to join, and I will add you in manually.

Once you are in, feel free to add more friends, post something, or better yet use the facebook group chat to talk to others online!

Oh yes, a tiny note, my blog just passed 1,000 subscribers! Thanks for the support guys!
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